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What’s New 2024

What’s New 2024

Inspired by iconic eyewear of yesteryear and their deep passion for outdoor sports, VALLON was founded by two Swedish brothers with a shared vision to reinvent sports eyewear.

Seeking to merge classic design elements with highperformance functionality, they created a new generation of eyewear fit for modern day adventure seekers and outdoor enthusiasts.

VALLON sunglasses and goggles are trusted by professional athletes taking on the world’s toughest challenges. Combining resilience, protection, sustainability, and innovation, we strive to make the most unique, fair-priced, and best looking eyewear for outdoor enthusiasts. Cleaning up plastic with every pair sold.

Ski Aviators

The Ski Aviators pay homage to the most iconic ski sunglasses ever made, dominating ski culture in the 70s and 80s, and worn by famous racers and film stars Paul Newman and Robert Redford. They came in all different sizes and colours, and then completely disappeared. Now Swiss makers Vallon, from Verbier, have a mission to bring them back to their former glory, so here’s hoping.

 Heron Glacier

Vallon’s stylishly vintage performance sunglasses the Heron Glacier are needed for sunny bluebird days skiing, ski touring, glaciers and mountaineering. They are protected by leather side shields, a removable centrepiece, and mirrored lenses for eye protection..

Heron Mountain

With Cat.3 lenses, Heron Mountain offers a brighter lens alternative to traditional glacier glasses, making them perfect for all-year mountain activities. With leather side shields and high-tech lens, they excel in strong sunlight. Heron Mountain offers a brighter lens alternative to Vallon’s best- traditional glacier glasses making them perfect for all-year mountain activities.


Vallon’s best-selling style has brighter lens than others to make them perfect for glacier use and all-round mountain action. Claimed to provide exceptional glacier protection and rated best on market.


Unrivalled combination of style and performance. The acetate frame is durable yet lightweight and delivers a premium feel. Polarized V52® optics and optional head strap mean this is the ultimate hybrid of sports and lifestyle sunglasses.

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