SKI BOSS PUT SMILES ON 10 MILLION FACES Mission accomplished for the Lockes of Lake Louise. Charlie Locke, a spritely, very fit for a man in his mid-70s, gave an almighty grin as he swooped off his still-snowy slopes on May 5 and announced ... Read More from Editor John Hill
Ski season about to start – down south As the northern hemisphere’s season is reaching the end, ski life in the southern world is starting to tick. Read more..Resorts in Canada such as Lake Louise in Alberta stay open until May, but that... Read More from Editor John Hill
Japow! Keme feasts is the East Good Ski Guide’s Keme Nzerem takes the fast-track for spring skiing in Japan.There’s something smugly satisfying about riding a run with no name. “Eventually you’ll come out near a dam. Keep g... Read More from Editor John Hill
£56,000 a week package trip to slopes! See how the super-rich blow out on doorstep skiing, fly to on-slope hotel, lash out on Rolex watches, caviar facials..Luxury holiday operators Ski Independence have this high-life sample holiday itine... Read More from Editor John Hill
Romantic ski getaways GSG tells you the best places for a ski love-in. Good Ski Guide has polled readers asking for a wish-list of features they want - and among the top requests was for a list of the best hotels and chale... Read More from Editor John Hill
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Win a ski week to Canada’s best with Canada’s best airline

Your Good Ski Guide has again topped all competitors by staging an unbeatable star ski prize.Whilst Europe’s ski season is hanging up boots after Easter, Canada’s best resort Lake Louise, is in mid-season full swing and two of our lucky readers can win a spring week at Lake Louise resort, with flights from Canada’s other …


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