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There are hundreds of ski resorts here, and Hokkaido, Japan’s north island, has some of the world’s best powder snow. Rusutsu is near the foot of Mt. Yotei and is a self-contained resort hotel with skiing across three mountains. There are gentle runs near the hotel, long pistes and plenty of powder for experts to dive into, plus five mountain restaurants. You’ll also find dog sledding, snowmobiling, natural hot springs and other traditional ski pursuits.

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Both Niseko and Rusutsu have plenty of colourful bars and restaurants with exceptional Japanese food such as tempura, although you’ll find western options too. Nightlife is fun and you can also take an excursion into the city of Sapporo, almost 50 miles away. The cost of a ski trip from Europe to Japan is about £2,000, which is on a par with visiting a major USA resort, but the Asian cultural experience is rich indeed – and no burgers!

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