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Clothing care and re-waterproofing

Clothing care and re-waterproofing

Most skiers and boarder do not really know how to look after their clothing properly, so here’s Gear Guru Terry Bartlett’s top tips

Waterproof fabrics are machine washable, but please check manufacturers care instructions first.

If clothing is cleaned properly it will last longer and in jackets and trousers stay waterproof and maintain their breathability.

1. Do NOT use modern detergents, conditioners or softeners – these will affect the performance of your garment.
2. Wash your tech garment with one of the specialist cleaning products available at ski shops for example GRANGERS 30 degree cleaner. These are friendly to waterproof fabrics and breathable membranes. They’re also kind to items with anti-bacterial treatments, like thermals.
3. Before washing your garment check that you have no residue of old detergent, conditioners or softeners in your machine. Wash your jacket with the appropriate cleaning product, at the temperature indicated on the care label. Once the spin cycle on your machine has finished allow the garment to drip dry.

Over time you may find the water does not bead up and run off the surface of your jacket as freely as it once did (this is also known as ‘wetting out’). This is due to wear and dirt affecting the water-repellent treatment on the outer fabric. If this occurs you can re-waterproof your jackets, trousers, gloves and other items…
1. Treat your garment with a reproofing product that will be kind to waterproof fabrics and breathable membranes. For example GRANGERS 30 degree proofer or GRANGERS Performance proofer.
2. After cleaning the garment with the appropriate tech fabric cleaner, wash with the re-proofer on a second washing machine cycle.
3. To activate the treatment you need to apply heat – Either place on the lowest heat in a tumble dryer or apply heat to the surface of the garment with a cool iron. Please make sure you check the care label of your garment to make sure this is appropriate.
4. If you use the proper tech cleaners, you can wash your garments approx. 4 times before you need to wash with the re-proofer again.

The more you look after your equipment, the longer it will last and the better it’ll perform. Your skis will turn easier, your boots will still be comfortable and your clothing will keep you dry!

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