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Planning the Perfect Ski Trip: car hire Vs shared shuttle transfer

Planning the Perfect Ski Trip: car hire Vs shared shuttle transfer

Easter is the perfect time for skiers of all abilities to head to the slopes, with resorts across Europe offering ski runs above 3,000m to guarantee a snow-sure holiday. When it comes to planning a holiday, you quickly tick off your ‘priorities’; accommodation, luggage and flights. But have you considered how you will get to your final destination?

Your decision depends on a number of variables; how many people are travelling? How much luggage are you carrying? Do you want more freedom during your trip? It usually comes down to two choices; hiring a car or booking a shuttle from the airport. Both options have their own pros and cons, but which one is best for you?

Carefree Car Hire
One clear advantage of hiring a car is the freedom and flexibility it affords you. You can pick your own route, travel at your own pace and stop as many times as you like on the way. Also, with a car available to you at all times during your stay you can explore the area and visit the local shops for essentials.
Don’t be put off by the idea of one designated driver; many companies offer one additional driver free of charge, so you can share the drive and take in the scenery around you. While some resorts are designated car-free areas, they offer parking and shuttle services less than 10 minutes away.
While car hire costs can mount up, booking in advance could save you big bucks. For as little as £17 per day*, holidaymakers can enjoy the freedom to explore local areas at their own leisure,

Shared Shuttle Transfer
One advantage of airport transfers is that you know the exact cost of travel, and can pay before you arrive, so there are no nasty surprises. It also works well if you don’t feel comfortable driving in another country, or want to be able to sit-back and enjoy the ride. However, it’s important to bear in mind that shared shuttle transfers take passengers to several different chalets, hotels and resorts so you may be in for a long journey, and they are inflexible so don’t expect any unplanned stops along the way. If you opted for a private transfer then you could be paying over the odds.

Decisions, Decisions
We would always suggest researching your available options before travelling, comparing the costs of car hire and airport transfer. If you are only going for a few days then a hire car may be the cheaper option. For example, if a family of four planned a four-night stay in Chamonix, it would cost £157 for five days** while a shared shuttle service would cost £202. Even if you are planning an extended break, booking early could save you money and allow you to enjoy the freedom of your own car to explore the region with family and friends.

*Prices are based on seven-day rental from 4th April 2015 in Val D’Isere, France and are subject to change.
**Prices are based on collection from and return to Geneva Airport for a five day rental from the 6th April 2014. Prices subject to change

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