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The global warming battle is hotting up – some 20 years after we at Good Ski Guide (Europe’s only Green ski guide) started our Save Skiing campaign.

Typical that the planet’s biggest despoilers are doing little to stop the plastic peril. China is currently mass-producing mountains of solarpower panels, whilst at the same time clogging the world’s oceans with giant sea juggernauts guzzling oil whilst delivering absolute rubbish to greedy and stupid consumers worldwide.

But this is where you can do your bit to help save the planet now, by trying to buy gear that is recyclable – not easy I know because of the cheapness of plastics.

Complain to stores such as Waitrose and  Tesco, who are still double and treble packing foods. Try not to shop there. Ditto with milk – most people in the UK can get their daily pint delivered to the door and try online shopping too and local market traders were quick to revert to brown bags for all.

And next time you are in a ski resort ask your hotel if they are heating the premises as well as they do in Austria, where in the Skicircus they heat hotels and tourist buildings with power generated by the ski lifts. So patronise the Green ski resorts.

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