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5 great tips for buying skis!

5 great tips for buying skis!

Summer can be a good time to buy skis as stores have more time to help you and prices are keen – by Sally Bartlett.

Here’s my good guide to ensure you make the correct choices when buying skis. With the correct skis you will keep improving and keep having fun on the terrain you want to be able to ski.

1. Be honest with the ski sales assistant – They will ask you lots of questions to establish your skiing aspirations. They will ask you questions to assess your skiing ability, where you ski, what you feel holds you back and lots more.

2. Make sure the skis are the appropriate ability level for your skiing – how often you ski, your weight, your adventurousness and your general fitness levels can also govern the appropriateness of the level. A ski that’s either too advanced or too low a level will hold you back.

3. Make sure your skis are the appropriate shape and design for where you want to ski – a ski for piste skiers will generally be narrower, giving you quicker movements from turn to turn and grip on hard snow and ice; a ski for off-piste skiers will be wider and give you more float in soft snow.

4. Make sure you have a good range of skis to choose from – most specialist ski shops carefully select and test their ranges of skis so they can properly advise you on what will help your skiing.

5. Make sure the size of ski is correct for you – this will be dependent on a number of factors; what type of ski you’re buying, where you’re skiing, your ability level, what type of turns you prefer, your age and your physical size.

Honesty is the best policy when buying skis. If you talk about your skiing and how you want your skis to perform, you will be given the correct advice and guidance to buying the correct skis. Communication is a two-way street – make sure the salesman listens to you and make sure you listen to their advice. They are there to help you.

Before you invest in your next pair of skis, make sure you get the correct advice from a specialist ski shop with a reputation for ski knowledge and expertise.
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