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Next Year’s Gear

Next Year’s Gear

Reported by Sally Ann Voak – Fantastic fashion, sensational equipment and gadgets have just been highlighted at Britain’s annual Slide trade show at Telford (organised by Ski Industries of Great Britain).

This year’s show was sold out, which reflects increased confidence in the ski sector. Slide, is important because it showcases the hottest products and ideas – from fab ( and pricey!) skis and boots to cheapo gadgets and mind-boggling goggles – all designed to make your snow experience even more exciting.

For sheer glam Australian company Rojo’s hats are modelled here by Renee Partridge of Rojo, who are based in Torquay, Victoria. “The company was founded by a young Australian couple a few years back, “ she told me, “Now, our fame is spreading in the UK – people like the funky hats, the unusual colours and the comfort. It’s real Oz clobber, cobber!” Prices range from about £25 for a hat. Rojo Distribution: anicholls66@hotmail.com

The new HD2 Camera Goggle from US company Zeal is like nothing else on the mountain. It launched in Harrods and sold out! Jamie Normandin (photographed with goggles) flew in from Zeal HQ in Boulder, Colorado, to tell me about it. “The original camera goggle revolutionised the market, but it has been completely redesigned this year.

“It is lighter to wear, and wirelessly connects, transferring videos and photos directly to your phone. Allowing easy access to everything you shoot, instantly.” It has a new integrated view-finder, light frame and better lens tech. Not available until September, but a great idea for the skiing blokes’ Christmas lists! £419. Zeal Optics Note from the slopes: at Tignes, rescuers are increasingly worried about photo junkies who perform dangerous stunts off piste just to get good snaps. Don’t – you could film your own accident. Also at the show: customised goggles to design yourself.

For cool boarders, Melon Optics customised snowboard goggles which you design yourself online are the biz. For a reasonable £65 you can have an individual design with quality lens, which compares well with other brands.  Melon Optics

EVER LOST A SKI? Well Alps Accommodation’s boss Tom Ward-Lee did – in a huge drift in the Grand Massif last season. He searched the mountain to no avail, and had to wait until the May melt (when detritus such as phones, boots, helmets and hats are revealed )to get it back. Walking back down wasn’t much fun, either.

He should have tried a new gadget called ResQSki for powder skiers. It’s a tracker you fix to your skis, so you can home in on them if they get lost, or you forget where you left them at lunchtime. It has at least 30metres range, won’t interfere with avalanche receivers as it’s on a different wavelength and has its own tag, so you don’t dig up the wrong ski! Not a substitute for avalanche protection, but a good way of catching up with wayward, expensive hardware!  RESQSKI

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