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WAY WE USED TO SKI …50 years of The Good Ski Guide

WAY WE USED TO SKI …50 years of The Good Ski Guide

This coming ski season The Good Ski  Guide celebrates its  50th birthday – a History of skiing in our times, with wonderful reminiscences and  some of the best ski journalism ever written since its early days, when Robert Louis Stevenson and Arthur Conan Doyle penned the very first ski articles of modern times.

That was 100 years before us when skiers had 2-metre long skis and 9-foot poles  to match and to sit on and steer with – a massive world of  difference from today’s short skis and poles, and very much different, go-faster racing gear.

Readers will have enjoyed reading  GSG over the years,  so enjoy again with a new spin – we tell  you all the things we  were unable to print in the old days of the Cold War, when editor John Hill, while watching ski races in Bulgaria, was seized by the KGB and held  in an icy gulag for a week before being shoved on to a plane for London. No charges, no explanation and no apologies from the Novoshokers.

Maybe Hill was arrested because he wrote negatively about Russia for The Times. Or was it his famous Ski Spy reader-reporter columns and mentions of his old 007 mates  Roger Moore and Sean Connery that raised  the commy hackles.

You be able to find out how Britain’s MI6 spymasters raided the GSG’s Esher HQ in the hunt for the assassins who poison-jabbed a Russian defector to death on Waterloo Bridge.

Plus more exciting tales of our adventures with Britain’s Royal  Family and then meets with Dirty Harry Clint Eastwood and “mad Nick,”  Jack Nicholson, who we shared a lift with at Aspen.

All this and more in the upcoming 50 years of Good Ski Guide adventures.

Watch this space!

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