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Whats New 2021

Whats New 2021

Puro genius!

Here’s hearing aids you can safely give your young ones. Puro Sound Labs headphones with volume limited to 85decibels prevents noise-induced hearing loss in children, as 85 is the maximum recommended safe listening level.

Puro says there are 12 million people in the UK with hearing loss – one in six of us; rising to one in five by 2035. And there are 50,000 UK children with hearing loss as kids spend 23 hours a week on smartphones and other gadgets which is significantly increasing noise-induced hearing loss.

Puro Sound Labs -  www.purosound.com.


The K-mask from Kymira, the ski equipment firm, is the ultimate anti-Coved mask. It filters 99.6% of particles - compared to the common reusable fabric mask’s 2 to 38%. The new mask has been tried and tested by GSG and Good Holiday experts.

K-mask filters are elastic and electrostatic, ergo highly breathable, flexible and will not become wet with water vapour from breathing, and also reduce the carbon dioxide re-breathing occurrence that blights some medical grade respirators. 

K-masks filters last for 200 hours, then  replace the filters.  Available from the KYMIRA Sport and KYMIRA Medical websites for £30 RRP.


Steril-eeze is a British hand sanitiser which kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. Steril-eeze is alcohol free and pH neutral, so kind to hands and doesn’t irritate, sting or dry the skin - and suitable for ski gear and desk tops too. Available good stores everywhere.


When we ski again it will hopefully be sunny - so skiers must cream up to protect skin. And it needn’t cost a fortune says Waleda, a good  and inexpensive High Street brand.  Waleda’s calendula crème, tested by Good Ski Guide experts, is recommended, as for after care we recommend their skin food. Available at Amazon and Holland and Barrett.  



A new book from Swedish writer-skiers Mats and Cissi Ehrwald should make all keenie, go-faster skiers sit up, slow down and enjoy life as well as skiing.

So ease  up, ski easier and enjoy the beauty of the mountains. £42 from Bokus bookshop -www.bokus.com

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