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Now Bond hunts Spectre in Tirol

Now Bond hunts Spectre in Tirol

Skiers heading for the Austrian mega resort of Solden should watch out – as the dreaded Spectre is about, being hunted down by  James Bond 007.

Daniel Craig, with Berretta loaded, and Moneypenny and Q in tail, is in Austria’s biggest resort, so expect camera crews and film techies galore and hiding away in a secret hotel with a bevy of beautiful spies.
This is the 24th Bond film, and the largest film production ever to be made in Austria since the Sound of Music in the 1960s. Though Bond did turn up on a killing spree in Bregenz, on nearby Lake Konstanz, when he starred in Quantum of Solace.
Daniel Craig, at the moment a non-skier, is in Solden with Ralph Fiennes (Nazi killer in Schindler’s List) Christoph Waltz, Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux, with Oscar-winning director Sam Mendes (“American Beauty,” “Revolutionary Road” and “Skyfall”).

The filmakers have been searching for a year to find the best location, and the Tirol won out against competition from Norway and Italy – and the tiny, beautiful and out of the way East Tirolean resort of Obertilliach will also be the setting for filming – maybe of Spectre’s secret lair?
The Bond effect is immense for the Tirol – as £5million alone will be spent on accomodation for the crew and the resultant publicity for Sodlen and Tirol is massive as the movie will be screened in millions of cinemas in every country in the world, except a few Muslim fanatical states and North Korea, where Bond has already destroyed the villian regime.

• Interestingly, Ian Fleming, the author of the Bond novels, lived in the Tirol (Kitzbühel) in the 1920s and studied at a private school there before returning to Britain to become a secret agent fighting, not Spectrre, but the Nazis.

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