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Hairdos For Helmets

Hairdos For Helmets

Mon, 25 Feb, 2013 – By John Hill

After skiing, disappear to the loo, take off your helmet, remove clips, and shake hair about before you have lunch or hit the bar! Voila!


If you want to stay pretty and safe on the slopes, Lee Radley, Senior Director of the Nicky Clarke Mayfair salon has the answer.

Nicky Clarke stylists are keen skiers. Here, top stylists Kelly Simpkin and Gemma Harmsworth demonstrate Lee’s easy hair solutions for Good Ski Guide.  The girls are wearing dazzling helmets and goggles from HardnutZ.

For short or medium-length hair

Spray short or medium-length hair with some “Lift and Shine,” then create “barrel” curls, (“crimper-speak” for loose curls) with quite thick sections.  Grip into place, especially on the crown, before you put on your helmet.  Thread longer hair through a crepe “doughnut” (from Boots) to make a fashionable topknot, or neat bun at the nape of your neck.  Make loose curls with the rest of the hair, and grip.


For girls with a fringe or plaits

“If you have a fringe, drag it to one side, opposite the flow of your style.  Comb back over your forehead when you take the helmet off. Plaits are practical – but weave hair into a single plait on one side of your head unless you want to look like Heidi!”


Lee adds: “UV rays damage hair as well as skin, so don’t over-shampoo.  Use our Weightless Treatment with Argan Oil for shine and protection.  If your hair is coloured (especially red) keep a big, silky scarf in your jacket pocket.  When you sit outside, wear it draped it over your hair with oversized shades, like Audrey Hepburn.  Ask your stylist to mix you up a blend of vegetable colour and shampoo in an unbreakable travel bottle to pack in hand-luggage.”

Nicky Clarke stylists and keen skiers, Gemma Harmsworth and Kelly Simpkin demonstrated Lee’s styles for GSG, wearing dazzling helmets and goggles from HardnutZ.

For product info: log onto Nicky Clarke and for a great cut, rubbing shoulders with the stars (and SAV!) book an appointment at Nicky’s fabulous new salon at 11 Carlos Place, Mayfair, London WIK 3AX (0207 491 4700).

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